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We help your business take off

We are a creative team of passionate IT engineers with a professional approach to solving real business challenges.


Welcome to Hicorn

Bogdan Bunea
CEO, Hicorn

Hicorn is a young, successful software company built around a culture of integrity, aspiration and creativity.

We work exclusively with like-minded partners on projects we believe in. Doing so allows us to feed our passion, fulfil our potential and deliver on our mission: to design and build great software that makes a difference in the world.

Our approach leads to remarkable results. Sharing our sense of purpose with yours drives collaboration, encourages open dialog and deepens contribution.

Software Development


We build software from the ground up, from mere sketches to deployment of full-featured products. Ever wondered what a powerful idea turns into in the hands of a competent and creative development team? Work with us to find out.

Software Consulting


No road is too long when you have the right partners by your side. Our mission is making sure the common journey reaching your targets is smooth and predictable. We believe that mastering state of the art technologies assures a transparent and competitive mean of getting things done. Living these values day in day out is a recipe of succeeding together, as a team.

Agile Services


The needs of modern software product development makes the old methodologies seem clunky. If you want to remain competitive in today’s software world then a lean, mean process to help you deliver in fast product cycles is a must.


We are in a constant learning process and love to keep up with everything that is new, in order to provide modern solutions and fast processes.


We are here to help your business take off. Are you ready to work with a creative, enthusiastic team? Get in touch with us and let’s put a plan in place.

email us at hello@hicorn.ro




If you are a creative individual with a keen eye for problem solving and an interest in adopting new technologies, join our team of enthusiastic developers.

email us at career@hicorn.ro